“We all live in the same world we all breathe the same air”

  • Performance – Vibrazioni Condivise

    Performance – Vibrazioni Condivise

    The exhibition “MELTING GLACIER”, Saturday, 10 September 2016 17:00, will host a Performance Art “Vibrazioni Condivise”, created from an idea between Pier Callegarini and Silvia Rinaldi. We invite you to discover your emotions, melt like ice, open your hearts....

  • AMACI – 12th day of the contemporary

    AMACI – 12th day of the contemporary

    After the Art Performance “Vibrazioni Condivise” made in the exhibition “Melting Glacier”, Civic Museums of Treviso 3 to 18 September 2016 Pier Callegarini and Silvia Rinaldi still together to rediscover a trip… Because life is the train, not the...