Collezione Natura

Collezione Natura is the story of a friendship, of people exchanging ideas, opinions, contaminating elements and objects that transform production leftover in a decorative element which has been renewed.

From the encounter with Pati Films and the invitation by Dr. Silvia Zanon to visit the company and the production process, Pier Callegarini attention is drawn by remains and, in a world where everyone is constantly looking for something newer, sleeker, shinier, Pier sees a road, a second chance.

If the artist is the one who sees beyond the objective reality then this is the case: from the scrap deriving from the plastic production new lives are born, forms that are no longer recover their identity and, thanks to the color and the light become an expression of rebirth , carriers full of meaning.

The encounter between light and darkness gives life to a flower, a ladybug, a plant.
Where there was a shapeless surplus of production Pier Callegarini sees elements that lead back to the forms of Nature and, in a sort of eternal creative process, gives the imagination and the ability to create an original, imaginative, impactful decorative item.
In the cavity of each element is installed a lamp: light transforms the contours, emphasizing the duality.
Sustainability and recovery, novelties and contamination, transparency and opacity, sensitivity and rationality: dualisms that the artist combines in his personal language.