Aspettando Aurora B

Aspettando Aurora B

…let me tell you a story, about how my last artwork is born “Aspettando Aurora B.” (“Waiting for Aurora B.”).

On the last 19th of February I had a dream and a Vision of the Aurora Borealis; so I woke up and on my
calendar (of my Bible), I found written “”your light will rise like the Aurora”.

Then I told my wife about this and I said “I’ll create a new artwork, “Aspettando Aurora B.”

Usually when I get some place, travelling, I take my inspiration, I taste life with all the five senses, and then I begin…
This time I interpret my Vision hoping that one day I’ll see the Aurora in Norway (the previous year I’ve
been in Finland without any success!).

So what happened?
I left to Milan for a Fair (note that I usually work for clients from all over the world..) and there I had
the chance to meet some people right from Norway that asked me to cooperate for a new project.
The day after I called the Company that provides me with the led panels (my canvas of Light) and they
explained that my usual reference person wasn’t working there anymore and the new one name is… Aurora!

So, driven by this emotion and Vision, I started creating: I managed to settle it on the 6th and 7th of March.
Then I arranged to present this artwork on the next Saturday 21st when suddenly, last Tuesday night
(17th of March) the Aurora Borealis appeared here, visible in the Italian Alps, Austria, Czech Republic,
Germany… Sensational, never happened before.

… and I’m pleased to SHARE with you this emotion I lived! ASPETTANDO AURORA B.

27 March 2015